Types of Dark Circles, Its Causes & Treatments

Types of Dark Circles, Its Causes & Treatments

Dark circles are formed when the skin under the eyes appears black, due to a change in color. These patches are stubborn, and may be difficult to remove. While these are harmless, and color stains do not usually cause problems, some people may want to reduce their appearance, for their own reasons. Dark circles cause the eyes to glaze over. This occurs when the eyes are placed too deep in the socket making the bare area under the eye appear dark due to the effect of eye shadow.

How to Hold Dark Congregations?

  • Dark circles are caused for a number of reasons. These are:
  • Hyperpigmentation – occurs when the body produces too much melanin.
  • Bad sleep habits create dark circles.
  • The thinning of the skin under the eyes causes dark circles.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun causes dark circles.
  • Smoking causes dark circles.
  • Dehydration causes dark circles.
  • Aging causes dark circles.

What are the Different Types of Dark Sets?

You cannot end your dark circles if you do not know the type and causes. Listed below are the different types of black circles:

1. Violet-Reddish Dark Circles: 

Mainly due to aging or genetics, these dark circles are characterized by the appearance of blood vessels under the eyes.

2. Bluish Dark Circles:

This is caused by enlarged veins and thin skin under the eyes. Enlarged blood vessels are caused by stimulants such as caffeine, strong drinks, and other drugs, which dilate the blood vessels, making the underside of the eyes look blue.

3. Brownish-Black Dark Circles:

This is caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and is manifested by the accumulation of brown spots under the eye. These are most common in tones with dark skin.

4. Black Dark Circles:

This is the most common type of dark circles, and its appearance may be attributed to lack of sleep. At times, you may see shadows under your eyes, caused by swollen eyelids or holes under your eyes.

Where to Get the Best Dark Circles Treatment in Roorkee?

You must have tried and exhausted all the home remedies, and spent on expensive eye products. But sometimes, these are not enough to deal with the problem of stubborn black circles.

Dr Tanveer Fatima at ACE Clinic offers a few treatment options for dark circles:

  • IPEEL: These are chemical compounds, designed to care for the skin under the eyes. They help with the removal of the extra layer, rejuvenation, and rejuvenation of the skin leading to improved seizures and diminished color.
  • THE BENEFITS: Technical radio frequency frequency is used to treat skin degeneration. Due to the decrease in collagen production due to aging, the skin tends to loosen. Skin warmth during this treatment helps to reduce loosening and discoloration, thereby reducing it.
  • LASER TONING: LASER works with the goal of selecting photothermolysis and helps to reduce the color and texture of the skin by regenerating collagen.
  • MILLIONS: The fillers are used to fill the damage to the tear duct or the pores under the eyes, which are characterized by the appearance of sunset, leading to the effect of dark shadows on the lower eyelid. Getting under the eyes makes the face look tired and sad. When the hole is full, the face looks refreshing and sweet.
  • BOTOX: Botox helps to reduce fine lines near the eyes (Crow Feet).
  • PLATELET RICH PLASMA: PRP treatment is very effective in treating cataracts and wrinkles around the eyes.


At ACE Skin and Hair Clinic, the treatments are conducted by Dr. Tanveer Fatima, the Best dermatologist in Roorkee. Ace ensures a pain-free procedure for its patients. With its FDA-approved equipment, we provide a treatment with minimum side effects. Patients have acknowledged the ease and comfort that the doctors at ACE exhibit while treating them. Dr. Tanveer Fatima has time and again been praised for the wide range of knowledge and expertise that she brings to her practice of treatment of the skin.

ACE prioritizes the patients’ satisfaction and aims for maximum results. For a detailed consultation, book an appointment today or call 9548732883.

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