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If you want your skin to look great, you will first need to find a Best Skin Doctor in Roorkee. It’s important to find somebody who really takes their time looking at your face and giving suggestions on how they can improve it.

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Erase your skin damage, get beautiful Skin… Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the hair follicles in which hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and oil from skin called sebum. Acne can present itself with blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin and possible scarring. Acne causes lot of stigma for teenagers. It can affect people of any age. Hit fast, hit hard is the rule to prevent its sequel.

Reveal your Real Skin…. vanish your blemish

Many of us have endured sunburns, causing pigmentation which increase with age.  While Melasma /Chloasma causes no symptoms other than the cosmetic discolouration, it can be distressing since it usually presents on the face, including the upper cheek, nose, upper lip, and forehead. Multimodality approach used for treatment can help you reveal the new you.

Enjoy Brighter, Younger & Healthier looking Skin… inside out

Chemical peel is a technique to improve the skin overall health appearance. A chemical solution is applied to peel off and exfoliate dead and old layer of skin. The regenerated skin that arrives is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. A chemical peel can transform your skin health and appearance; at the same time drastically change the look and feel of the skin.

Skin tags are very common soft harmless lesions that appear to hang off the skin. Skin tags develop in both men and women as they grow older. Wart is a viral infection. Corns are formed on pressure bearing areas of body. Radiofrequency /Co2 laser is one stop solution for all of them.

Wear your own Skin!

It is a skin condition of white patches resulting from loss of pigment. Any part of the body may be affected. Melanin, the pigment that determines color of skin, hair, and eyes, is produced in cells called melanocytes. White patches which are  persistent and not responding to treatment, surgical option provide a ray of hope.

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  • Acne (pimples) is an inflammatory skin disease , primarily involving sebaceous glans, affecting the face , but can also occur on the arms, back and chest.
  • The skin lesions in acne include comedones (balckheads and white heads), red raised lesions, pus filled lesion or painful swellings.
  • PCOS can cause acne in addition to irregular cycles, weight gain and hair loss and excessive hair on the face.
  • Abuse of topical steroid creams on the face often prompted as fairness creams can cause acneform eruptions.
  • Use of cosmetics, scrubs, facials, can aggravate acne.
  • The therapy recommendations by your dermatologist will help in easing the physical and psychological scarring caused by the disease.